Indoor climate monitoring for museums, archives, galleries and libraries

Preserving exhibits from damage is undoubtedly the number one priority for museums. The importance of this is further increased because of the liability obligation towards owners of priceless artefacts and loaned exhibits. Since many of these are climate-sensitive, it is incredibly important to monitor environmental conditions such as air temperature and humidity. This is no easy feat however, because of seasonal climate fluctuations and factors like number of visitors etc. Therefore continuous indoor climate monitoring is a necessity.

Testo help museums ensure exhibits are properly maintained. Monitoring factors such as temperature, humidity, LUX, shock and air quality is key for preservation. Our museum climate monitoring solution will alert you on conditions leading to growth of mold or excessive dryness causing wood cracks or paper preservation issues. You will have a permanent record of storage or shipment conditions and easy access to your monitoring data. It also provides time logs at user-selected intervals with alarm settings if the pre-set points are crossed.

The alternatives

No wireless LAN possibility?

With the testo Saveris 1 data logger system, exhibits can also be monitored completely without wireless LAN, via WiFi and/or Ethernet connection.
testo Saveris museum

Measurement data monitoring system testo Saveris

  • Hybrid 2.4 GHz wireless and/or Ethernet
  • Central monitoring of temperature, humidity and and further measurement values
  • Saves over 18 mio. values
  • Alarm visualization

Unobtrusiveness is not a priority?

With the fully automatic WiFi data logger system testo Saveris 2, the monitoring of temperature and air humidity in museums is easier and at the same time more reliable.
testo Saveris 2 museum

WiFi data logger testo Saveris 2

  • Software-free system: WiFi data loggers plus secure Cloud system
  • Temperature and humidity data can be read out from anywhere via PC or mobile / smartphone
  • Alarm notification by SMS or e-mail

Real time is not important?

The data logger testo 184 provides quality supervisors in logistics with data loggers for the monitoring and documentation of shock, temperature and relative humidity.
testo 184 G1 museum

Transport logger testo 184 G1

  • For sensitive freight
  • Monitors shock, humidity and temperature
  • Easiest possible operation and configuration

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