Temperature monitoring in pharmacies and hospitals

In the storage of drugs, it is crucial to adhere to suitable temperature and humidity conditions.

In retail pharmacies a great many regulations have to be adhered to. This includes the monitoring and documentation of the temperature in the sales room, storeroom and drugs refrigerators. In Hospitals it is essential to store pharmaceuticals, vaccines, laboratory samples and units of blood at the right temperatures in order to ensure that they remain effective and that hygiene is maintained.

With the WiFi data logger system testo Saveris 2, you monitor temperature securely, automatically and with a minimum of effort.

Supervisión de temperatura en farmacias y hospitales

Your challenge

Temperature monitoring

  • In sales room, storerooms and drugs refrigerators
  • In order to adhere to legal regulations
  • In order to guarantee the welfare of the patients
  • In order to avoid economic damage to the pharmacy
Temperature monitoring in pharmacies and hospitals

Your solution

The testo Saveris 2 WiFi data logger system

  • Loggers can be positioned anywhere
  • Measurement values are automatically transferred to the Cloud, and stored there
  • Data are accessible at any time via a web browser – also on a smartphone/tablet
  • Alarm for critical values
Temperature monitoring in pharmacies and hospitals

Your advantages

How testo Saveris 2 creates more efficiency in day-to-day business

  • Automated and secure temperature monitoring
  • No more manual readout and documentation
  • All data in view: no matter where you are
  • Maximum flexibility with the Advanced licence

How testo Saveris 2 works in a pharmacy

100 % drug quality with little effort

The WiFi data logger system testo Saveris 2 takes work off pharmacists' hands and creates an additional security bonus thanks to the alarm function. This is why Alexander Jaschke, the proprietor of the Apotheke an der Mathildenhöhe pharmacy in Darmstadt, Germany, wholeheartedly recommends it.

Download: Application example


Want to be in control of all your readings?

In our example application "Monitoring the temperature and humidity of drugs", you can find out how the uninterrupted drug humidity and temperature monitoring during storage works with the WiFi data logger system testo Saveris 2.

The wireless LAN data logger system testo Saveris 2

Our offers for pharmacies and hospitals

Every pharmacy is different. That's why you can assemble your testo Saveris 2 package, with the right loggers and the optimum Cloud licence yourself. We are happy to assist you with this.

Additionally, we offer a special set for monitoring refrigerators, which helps you to differentiate between genuine temperature drops and slight fluctuations caused by opening the refrigerator door.

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