Refrigeration technology


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    testo 560i kit - Digital refrigerant scale with Bluetooth, and automatic charging valve

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    • Automatic and precise refrigerant charging according to target superheat, subcooling and weight thanks to intelligent valve
    • Wireless connection and operation with Testo manifolds and testo Smart App via Bluetooth

In a refrigeration system, pressure, temperature and any superheating or subcooling must be checked to ensure the system is running smoothly. Tightness must also be ensured, with the source of any leaks identified quickly.

Testo is setting standards in refrigeration technology. With Testo's new smart tools, not only can you take efficient, reliable readings, but you can save measurements to your Smart Phone or tablet via Bluetooth and send results to your customer there and then as a report.

Adjusting refrigeration systems

Commissioning and service - fast, flexible and precise

Charging refrigeration systems

Automatic and precise charging according to target value

Testing refrigeration systems

Quick check of overheat/subcooling

Evacuating refrigeration systems

Professional and highly precise pressure measurement

Electrical testing

Safe testing of all electrical parameters of equipment and components

Finding leaks

Reliable detection of the smallest leaks for all common refrigerants

Measuring temperature

Flexible temperature measurement of components and ambient air

Determine humidity

Reliable determination of system and indoor humidity

testo Smart App – your job has never been so smart

Turn your smartphone into your control center: The testo Smart App conveniently connects with and controls the instruments for all refrigeration and air conditioning applications. This way you always have an overview, and your data exactly where you need it.

With the testo Smart App, you evaluate results even faster. And it helps you to avoid measurement errors, as stored measurement programs guide you step by step through the configuration and the measurement. You can also create customer data and measuring locations in no time at all.

Evaluate results even faster and create customer data with the testo Smart App