Refrigeration technology

In a refrigeration system, pressure, temperature and any superheating or subcooling must be checked to ensure the system is running smoothly. Tightness must also be ensured, with the source of any leaks identified quickly.

Testo is setting standards in refrigeration technology. With Testo's new smart tools, not only can you take efficient, reliable readings, but you can save measurements to your Smart Phone or tablet via Bluetooth and send results to your customer there and then as a report.

Adjusting refrigeration systems

Carry out fast and reliable servicing on refrigeration systems with a digital manifold. The testo refrigeration App and Bluetooth also ensure greater convenience during commissioning, maintenance and service in this area!

  • Carry out high-precision measurements in next to no time
  • Ensure tightness of refrigeration systems
  • Test and optimize the efficiency of the system

Testing refrigeration systems

Determination of subcooling and superheating on refrigeration systems or heat pumps faster is simply faster. The testo Smart Probes refrigeration set means you can test all parameters accurately.

  • Low refrigerant loss thanks to hoseless installation directly onto the pressure connection
  • Direct display of the evaporation and condensation temperatures
  • Analysis and transmission of measurement data via Smart Probes App

Evacuating refrigeration systems

Evacuate a refrigeration system or heat pump properly before commissioning. Testo makes sure you always have high-precision vacuum measurement.

  • Reliable monitoring of absolute pressure
  • Monitoring of readings via App
  • Pressure measurement and automatic calculation of the evaporation temperature of water

Finding leaks

Leaks on refrigeration systems lead to serious damage to systems and the environment. Use leak detectors which detect all common refrigerants and the smallest leaks.

  • High sensitivity according to EN 14624
  • Detect common refrigerants
  • Alarm in the event of leaks

Measuring temperature

You can measure temperatures more accurately and quickly with a Testo measuring instrument and data logger. Regardless of whether it involves a refrigeration system component, the ambient air or the core temperature of the refrigerated goods.

  • Fast and reliable measurement
  • Recording of temperature over longer periods of time
  • Temperature probes for all applications

Measuring humidity

Measure, record or document relative humidity in storage rooms accurately: a Testo portable measuring instrument and data logger mean you are ideally equipped.

  • Simultaneous display of temperature and relative humidity
  • Determination of the dew point
  • High-precision humidity sensor with long-term stability

Electrical testing

Whether multimeters, clamp meters or voltage testers – count on performance, easy application and maximum reliability when it comes to measuring electrical parameters.

  • Clamp meters with a unique clamping mechanism and Bluetooth connection
  • Digital multimeters with automatic measuring range setting
  • Voltage testers which also measure current!

Testo Refrigeration Knowledge

Download Refrigeration Knowledge
  • Understanding refrigeration systems
  • Main components of refrigeration technology
  • Correct measurement on refrigeration systems

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