Supermarkets receive, stock and distribute huge quantities of produce every day. Each step of this process is as important as the last, so every customer walks away with goods of a satisfactory and consistent standard. One slip up or oversight can have devastating consequences, as we have seen with a number of cases of product recalls and potential lawsuits.

With Testo food safety equipment you can ensure all necessary checks are taken and documented. Perfect for spot checks and/or long-term monitoring.

Temperature monitoring solution


Complete solution

You deal with fresh, easily spoilt goods every day. The quality of the products must always be immaculate, so that inferior goods are not brought into circulation.

  • Use a WiFi data logger system
  • Monitor temperatures in supermarkets securely, automatically and with a minimum of effort

Temperature spot checks


The temperature of foods has a crucial influence on the formation and proliferation of germs and therefore on product quality and consumer health.

  • Proceed regular temperature checks
  • Ensure food safety

Temperature monitoring


There are a huge number of facilities where (deep-)frozen food has to be stored.

  • Use data loggers to continuously document the temperature
  • Approved according to EN 12830

Application guide supermarket

Download: Application guide

Valuable tips and useful background knowledge on compliance and food safety in supermarkets:

  • How can I save money checking incoming goods?
  • How do I ensure a constant temperature in storerooms and display counters 24/7?
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