Energy consulting

In building thermography, thermal imagers are ideal for quick, easy visualisation of energy losses in the heating or air conditioning systems of buildings. Comprehensive diagnosis can therefore be carried out to analyse energy efficiency, and structural improvement measures can be initiated. Detailed energy consultancy, where the whole building shell is analysed for its energy loss, effectively indicates further possibilities for energy saving.

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  • testo 635-2 - Thermohygrometer

    Order-Nr. 0563 6352

    The testo 635-2 temperature and moisture meter allows you to carry out temperature and moisture measurements on a variety of different materials, surfaces and environments. This is made possible due to leading-edge technology and a wide selection of optionally available sensors.
    • Optionally available sensors for moisture, temperature, pressure dew point and absolute pressure measurements

    • 2 plug-in sensors and 3 wireless sensors can be connected

    • Super-size memory for up to 10 000 readings

    • USB cable and PC software for archiving and logging measuring data included

    £ 399.00
    incl. VAT  £ 478.80
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