testo 871 and 872 Price Optimisation

The new RLP for the testo 871 is £1,590 (ex. VAT)


The new RLP for the testo 872 is £2,150 (ex. VAT)


We believe that the price optimisation implemented for both the testo 871 and 872 thermal imagers make them the best pixel/price performance of any cameras available within this price range.


SuperResolution provides sharper and more detailed images allowing for genuine temperature measurements, no artificial intermediate values are projected and more detail can be identified with images captured from a great distance.


Both models have the ability to connect to the testo 605i Smart Probe and testo 770-3 Clamp Meter to allow measurement of other parameters and wireless intergration of readings.

Testo thermal imaging cameras can be used for a number of applications including industrial maintenance, building surveys and electrical maintenance.  


testo Thermography App

Get the most from your testo thermal imager 

The testo 868, 871 and 872 thermal imaging cameras can connect to the testo Thermography App (iOS and Android). The testo Thermography App is a free download that provides additional functionality to the thermal imager.

App features:

  • Create and send compact reports on site and save online
  • Use smartphone or tablet as second display and remote control
  • Analyse images and add comments 

The additional functionality of the testo Thermography app is another key selling point that should be communicated on website listings and physically in-store. Download links should be available on the product pages.