testo 327 Flue Gas Analyser Price Optimisation 

The new recommended list price (RLP) of the testo 327 starts at £450 for the standard kit and £590 for the advanced kit (ex. VAT).


Testo UK’s HVAC Product Manager Jon Bawden states “the testo 327 is a proven and trusted design with a rugged specification which suits the needs of the UK market".

Other key selling points:

  • Robust single connector for the flue probe to ensure long term reliability 
  • The pump shuts off automatically to protect the CO cell
  • Covers main test requirements: flue gas, CO ambient, differential temperature, flue draught, tightness and let by
  • 7 selectable fuels
  • Simple and reliable servicing through testo and approved service centres across the UK 

Download all available marketing material for the testo 327 here: