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Special Offers

Limited Edition Testo 300


Testo 300 flue gas analysers now from just £599. Plus Limited Edition Black handset with selected models.

Free testo 830 with select flue gas analysers


 Testo are offering a FREE testo t830 infrared thermometer with selected 327 and 320B flue gas analyser sets.

Great savings on Testo 890 thermal imagers

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Special offer on testo 890 thermal imaging cameras - save up to £5,700.

New Products

New Flue Gas Analyser Kits

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See the new range of Flue Gas Analyser Kits

CFR data logger system testo 190

CFR data logger system testo 190
Highly efficient validation of your sterilization & freeze-drying processes.

HACCP data logger system testo 191

HACCP data logger system testo 191
Highly efficient validation of your pasteurization, sterilization and freeze-drying processes.

Testo 440 Lab Kit

440 lab kit.jpg
The testo 440 lab kit is perfect for carrying out measurements in laboratories.

Testo 872 plus 605i

872 plus 605i.jpg
Use the smart testo 872 building inspection kit to detect mould-risk areas in buildings quickly and easily, along with tons of other applications.

Testo 174T Starter Kit

test 174t starter ki.jpg
The testo 174T Starter Kit is ideal for continuous temperature measurements of pharmaceuticals or food.

New testo 890 Fever Detection Kit

Detect body surface temperatures of individuals with the testo 890 Fever Detection Kit.