Clamp Meters and Current Measurement

Testo manufacture a range of current measuring instruments. The most popular of these is our testo 770 Clamp Meter series, of which there are three versions. The testo 770-1 is the standard model, ideal for most daily measurements. The testo 770-2 has the advantage of a µA range, plus an integrated temperature adapter for all type-K thermocouples. In addition to all the features listed above, the testo 770-3 Clamp Meter has Bluetooth, meaning it can be connected to the testo Smart Probes App and other testo instruments, giving you a more sophisticated performance measuring function. In the App for example, you can view the measurement progression in graph form and document it directly as a report.

Testo's 770 Clamp Meter has a fully retractable pincer, meaning cables can be grabbed and isolated with ease. Much like Testo’s range of Multimeters, our clamp meters also have an 'automatic parameter detection' function. With this innovative feature, measurement parameters are detected automatically, leaving no room for error and ensuring your peace of mind. All Testo 770 Clamp Meters detect both direct and alternating current, and automatically select other parameters such as continuity, resistance, diode and capacitance.

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  • testo 755-2 - Current-voltage tester

    Order-Nr. 0590 7552

    All-in-one voltage tester and current measuring instrument: the innovative testo 755-2. A multitasker for almost all daily electrical measuring tasks. With automatic measurement parameter detection, exchangeable measuring tips and an extended voltage range up to 1,000 V. 
    • Simple, reliable operation with automatic selection of measurement parameters

    • DIN EN 61243-3:2014 and DIN EN 61010‑1:2011 certified

    • Single pole voltage testing to determine quickly whether conductors are live

    • Voltage range up to 1,000 V

    £ 105.00
    incl. VAT  £ 126.00
  • testo 755-1 - Current-voltage tester

    Order-Nr. 0590 7551

    Measuring current with a voltage tester? The innovative testo 755-1 makes this possible – and is therefore suitable for virtually all daily electrical measuring tasks. The practical automated switch-on function and automatic measurement parameter detection also mean you can work more reliably than ever before with it. 
    • Easy, reliable operation through automatic measurement parameter detection

    • DIN EN 61243-3:2014 and DIN EN 61010‑1:2011 certified

    • Exchangeable measuring tips

    • Suitable for almost all electrical measuring tasks

    £ 85.00
    incl. VAT  £ 102.00
  • testo 770-3 - TRMS Clamp meter with Bluetooth

    Order-Nr. 0590 7703

    Non-contact measurement on tightly packed cables is really easy and reliable with the testo 770-3 clamp meter. Its innovative grab mechanism will make your work easy. The most powerful model in the clamp meter series, it offers lots of additional functions for those challenging tasks that you are faced with on a daily basis, e.g. communication with the testo smart app via Bluetooth.
    • Easy to operate thanks to the fully retractable pincer arm

    • Auto AC/DC and large two-line display

    • Improved TRMS method

    • Bluetooth connection to your smartphone (with the testo Smart App)

    £ 149.00
    incl. VAT  £ 178.80
  • testo 770-2 - TRMS Clamp meter

    Order-Nr. 0590 7702

    The innovative grab mechanism makes the testo 770-2 the perfect clamp meter for non-contact measurements on tightly packed cables with a small diameter. In addition to the standard functions of the testo 770-1 clamp meter, it also offers a temperature adapter and measures current in the µA range.
    • Fully retractable pincer arm to make your work easy

    • Auto AC/DC and large two-line display

    • Measuring functions for starting current on electric motors and μA measurements

    • Temperature adapter for type K thermocouples

    £ 119.00
    incl. VAT  £ 142.80
  • testo 770-1 - TRMS Clamp meter

    Order-Nr. 0590 7701

    The testo 770-1 clamp meter is ideally suited for non-contact current measurement on tightly packed power cables or conductors with a small diameter. The unique grab mechanism means you can grab each individual cable easily and safely. 
    • Fully retractable pincer arm for maximum flexibility

    • Auto AC/DC

    • Large two-line display

    • Measures the common electrical parameters

    £ 89.00
    incl. VAT  £ 106.80
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