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  • testo 176 P1 - Absolute Pressure Data Logger

    Order-Nr. 0572 1767

    When ambient conditions, for example in a laboratory, need to be documented securely and highly accurately, the testo 176 P1 is the right data logger. It has an integrated absolute pressure sensor and connection possibilities for two external temperature/humidity probes (optional).
    • Continuous measurement and documentation of absolute pressure

    • Record up to two additional humidity and temperature values simultaneously with optionally connectable probes

    • Large measurement data memory for up to 2 million measurement values, battery life of up to 8 years

    • For data evaluation on a PC, a selection of three software versions is available, basic software available as a free download

    £ 450.00
    incl. VAT £ 540.00
  • ComSoft Professional - software

    Order-Nr. 0554 1704

    The ComSoft Professional software means you get software for programming and readout of Testo data loggers and for archiving data. It offers analysis and display possibilities over and above the basic functions.
    • Professional software for programming and readout of Testo data loggers and for archiving data

    • Graphic and tabular display of all measurement parameters

    • Effortless creation and management of reports

    • Intuitive user interface for efficient work

    £ 275.00
    incl. VAT £ 330.00
  • ComSoft Basic - Logger software

    Order-Nr. 0572 0580

    ComSoft Basic, Basic software for programming and readout of Testo data loggers; graphic and tabular measurement value presentation as well as export function
    • Programme and read out Testo data loggers using the basic software

    • Particularly clear: graphic and tabular display of readings

    • Convenient export functions, e.g. for further processing of data in Microsoft Excel or generation of a PDF

    £ 17.40
    incl. VAT £ 20.88
  • USB interface for data loggers

    Order-Nr. 0572 0500

    Use the USB interface to transmit the data logger's readings to the PC. Using the latest version of the testo ComSoft software, you can read out and analyze the readings - and you can also programme the data logger individually.
    • For transferring readings to your PC

    £ 71.00
    incl. VAT £ 85.20
  • Battery, 3.6 V/1.9 Ah 1AA

    Order-Nr. 0515 0177

    Battery, 3.6 V/1.9 Ah 1AA
    • Lithium mignon battery (AA)

    £ 29.60
    incl. VAT £ 35.52
  • Battery, 3.6 V/0.8 Ah 1/2 AA

    Order-Nr. 0515 0175

    Battery, 3.6 V/0.8 Ah 1/2 AA
    £ 17.40
    incl. VAT £ 20.88
  • Mobile printer for data loggers - Mobile printer for data loggers

    Order-Nr. 0572 0576

    Using data loggers from Testo and need to produce quick proof of the measured values? With our mobile printer, you can create a printout of the readings at the actual measuring location, thus providing immediate proof.
    • Handy printer 

    • Printout of readings at the measuring location

    • For data loggers in the testo 175, testo 176 and testo 184 series

    • Data logger connection via NFC or USB

    £ 295.00
    incl. VAT £ 354.00
  • Lithium mignon battery (AA)

    Order-Nr. 0515 1760

    Lithium mignon-type battery (AA). Technical characteristics: 3.6 V/2.4 Ah.
    • 1 lithium mignon battery (AA)

    £ 20.90
    incl. VAT £ 25.08
  • Wall bracket for data loggers

    Order-Nr. 0554 1703

    Use the wall bracket to fix your data logger securely and firmly to walls.
    • For reliably securing appropriate data loggers to the wall

    • Particularly secure thanks to the lock included in delivery

    £ 17.40
    incl. VAT £ 20.88
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