Thank you for your interest in our Refrigeration Knowledge guide 

Included in our Refrigeration Knowledge guide are tips and tricks, practical information and topics such as: 
  • Manufacture of components 
  • Potential risk of operating media in the event of leak or accident
  • Operating power needed to provide refrigeration 
  • Disposal of the system technology after operating life 

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Module 1: Understanding refrigeration systems

1.1 Parameters for the efficiency of refrigeration systems
1.2 Criteria for practicable refrigerants
1.3 Evaluating refrigerants a) The GWP value b) The TEWI value
1.4 Planning and efficient operation of refrigeration systems

Module 2: Principles and main components of refrigeration technology

2.1 Thermodynamics
2.2 The four main components of the compression refrigeration circuit
2.2.1 The evaporator
2.2.2 The condenser
2.2.3 The compressor
2.2.4 The expansion unit
2.5 Other important components in the refrigerant circuit

Module 3: Correct measurement on refrigeration systems

3.1 Recording and evaluating important parameters
3.2 Subcooling
3.3 Superheating

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