Testo Calibration Services

At Testo Limited we offer UKAS and ISO calibrations on a wide range of instrumentation from many manufacturers.

For further information or a quotation, you can contact the Service Department by calling 01420 544433 and pressing option 2 or by email on service@testo.co.uk

Alternatively, to arrange your instrument collection you can simply click here to complete a UPS collection form

Calibration services offered

UKAS accredited calibration options are marked *

•    Multi-meters
•    Loop Testers
•    RCD/GFI Testers
•    Insulation Testers
•    Multifunction Testers
•    Continuity Testers
•    Earth Testers
•    Portable Appliance Testers
•    HiPot/ Breakdown Testers
•    Simulation/measurement of most process signals; T/C, RTD, mA, V, mV, Ω, Hz

•    Air temperature thermometers in the range of -70 to 180 °C *
•    Immersion thermometers in the range of -40 to 200 °C *
•    IR thermometers and Thermal Imagers in the range of -15 to 125 °C
•    Surface measuring probes in the range 50 to 150 °C

Air Velocity
•    Vane anemometers up to 100 mm in the range of 0.3 to 30 m/s *
•    Thermal anemometers in the range of 0.1 to 20 m/s *
•    Pitot tubes in the range of 2 to 30 m/s

•    Digital manometers and gauges in the range of -0.95 to 70 bar g *
•    Barometers in the range of 50 to 1200 hPa *

Humidity and dew point
•    Thermal hygrometers in the range of 10 to 90 %RH, over a temperature range of 0 to 50 °C *
•    Dew point in the range of -30 to 48 °C *

•    Light meters in the range 100 to 20,000 Lux*


•    Sound level meters at 94, 104 and 114 dB at 1 kHz
•    Sound level calibrators at 94, 104 and 114 dB at 1 kHz

Rotational Speed
•    Mechanical tachometers in the range 0 to 6,000 rpm
•    Optical tachometers in the range of 0 to 99,000 rpm

•    Electrical
•    Humidity
•    Temperature *
•    Pressure
•    Temperature mapping

Saveris Maintenance Contracts
•    Onsite UKAS or ISO calibration for Testo Saveris Wireless Monitoring System
•    Three levels of support services; Silver, Gold and Platinum
•    Planned maintenance visits and cover for additional unscheduled support
•    Temperature mapping service to determine correct positioning of Saveris probes

Service Tracker
•    Track your instruments online through our innovative new service tracker
•    An email will be sent to you at every stage of the process to update you on the progress of your instrument or track your instrument yourself by entering the serial number
•    A reminder will be sent to you before your next calibration is due

Visit www.testolimited.com/servicetracker