Central monitoring of all audit-relevant environmental parameters – quickly, easily and efficiently.

For many years, Testo has been a reliable partner for the pharmaceutical industry. No other sector is so strictly regulated and restrictively monitored. Because in the end, it is the well-being and health of the patients which is in focus here. With testo Saveris Pharma Solutions, we give you the certainty of always being on the safe side – in the manufacturing, storage and transport of pharmaceuticals.

The close exchange with our customers shows: In a globally networked and dynamic world, it is not enough simply to measure accurately. It is more about the comprehensive management of all relevant quality parameters with a single, intelligent system that makes your daily work easier, more efficient and more reliable.

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Whether cleanroom manufacturing, research and development, storage or transport –

with testo Saveris Pharma Solutions, you can monitor the environmental conditions of your pharmaceuticals easily, efficiently and reliably at all times.

testo Saveris Pharma Manufacturing …

  • assists you in the central monitoring of all audit-relevant parameters and data.
  • minimises risks, reduces costs and therefore facilitates considerably more efficient production processes.
  • enables prompt intervention in critical situations in all phases of pharmaceutical manufacturing.

testo Saveris Pharma Transport …

  • guarantees complete control of the cold chain during transport through ease of handling.
  • enables audit-proof documentation of all relevant measurement data at all times.
  • can easily be integrated into existing monitoring systems.

testo Saveris Pharma Storage …

  • enables you to centrally monitor all audit-relevant parameters and data.
  • minimizes risks, reduces costs and assists you in monitoring the various storage zones.
  • enables prompt intervention in the event of deviations and in critical situations.

Overview of the system components