Digital quality management for restaurant chains

Combining 60 years’ experience of sensor manufacturing, intuitive software and support services, testo Saveris Restaurant provides food service operators the ultimate solution for quality and food safety management.

Testo have long provided some of the most reliable instruments to monitor food quality. Whilst testo equipment has proved extremely effective across a range of industries, in a globally networked world, simply taking measurements is no longer enough. The more advanced companies are now seeking comprehensive management of all quality parameters, with intelligent and complete solutions.

Testo have launched a brand-new solution, specific to the restaurant and catering sector, called ‘testo Saveris Restaurant’. Combining intuitive software and precise measurement technology, testo’s latest solution aims to make daily job processes noticeably easier, safer and more efficient. It includes a fully integrated temperature monitoring system, and control unit(s) allowing all paper documents to be converted into a digital format. This will help operators demonstrate the highest level of due diligence and ensures quality checks are completed on time and correctly. By removing the need for paper and automating many checks required in a restaurant, it can also help reduce operating costs and improve efficiency.

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Quality management in quick-service restaurants up to now

The challenges of quick-service restaurant chains
  • Paperwork and manual documentation are time-consuming and cost-intensive
  • Human errors are compliance risks
  • Quality data can hardly be analysed

Quality management with testo Saveris Restaurant

Quality management in quick-service restaurants with testo Saveris Restaurant
  • Digital integration of the quality handbook
  • Automatic temperature monitoring, immediate alarms and stored correction measures
  • Comprehensive analysis and reporting options