Central monitoring of audit-relevant environmental parameters

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Life Science: Hardly any other sector is so strictly regulated and monitored. Our holistic solutions for monitoring environmental conditions support you in always fulfilling the strict regulatory requirements reliably: 

  • Measurement technology, software and services from one provider and seamlessly integrated
  • Complete documentation
  • Complete transparency

testo Saveris: The three components of your digital complete solution

Data logger pharmacy
Sensor technology

Reliable recording of environmental parameters.

Monitoring system cockpit

Fast analysis of the measurement data of all sites.

Customer service Testo

Testo is your competent worldwide partner.

testo Saveris: The different applications in the Life Science sector

Compliance testo Saveris


Ensure the integrity of your data and avoid unnecessary gaps in the documentation.

Transparency testo Saveris


Retain an overview at all times over your processes and react immediately in cases of alarm.

Efficiency testo Saveris


More efficient processes thanks to less need for training and a system which meets your requirements exactly.

Reliability testo Saveris


Pass audits with confidence: Thanks to a reliable solution from a professional partner.

Expert Corner

Especially in sensitive environments there are many reasons to use automated monitoring systems.

How to fulfill the FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11 requirements using the digital all-in-one solutions of Testo.

Compact reference book and working aid for all GMP operators.

Are you interested in measurement technology?

Monitoring environmental conditions
Monitoring environmental conditions
Monitoring environmental conditions
Monitoring environmental conditions