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testo flue gas analysers: FREE gift

Starting 01.09.23 Testo are giving away a free gift with testo 300 and testo 327 flue gas analysers.

testo digital manifolds: FREE gift

Starting 01.09.23 Testo are giving away a free gift with testo 550i, testo 550s and testo 557s digital manifolds.

NEW testo electrical kits: FREE gift

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Starting 01.07.23 Testo are giving away a free gift with NEW price-advantaged electrical kits.

testo 868s - Special Price

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Benefit from a special price on the testo 868s thermal imaging camera.

testo 883-2: NEW product

Find out more
Meet the NEW testo 883-2 Thermal Imaging Camera.

New Products

Discover the unseen.

570s - special offers page.jpg
Our new digital manifold testo 570s detects anomalies with limitless power. For easy long-term measurements with reliable diagnosis.

Made to make it easy

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 Our compact HVAC measuring instruments deliver precise results wherever you need them - fast, flexible, user-friendly and connected to your smartphone. Measuring couldn't be easier.

New thermal imaging technology

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Brand new thermal imaging technology across your favourite thermal imaging cameras.

New testo 560i Smart Scale

testo 560i - Digital refrigerant scale with Bluetooth® and intelligent valve
New Digital refrigerant scale testo 560i with intelligent valve, every charging fully automatic and precise.

New to the UK: testo 400

testo 400 special offers new products pg.jpg

The universal air velocity and IAQ measuring instrument testo 400 is now available in the UK! Find out more about our multifunction measuring instruments today.

New Refrigeration Technology

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Brand new refrigeration manifolds from Testo.

Testo 883 Thermal Imaging Camera

The new testo 883 thermal imaging camera for maintenance and facility management.

Testo 883 Thermal Imaging Camera


The new testo 883 thermal imaging camera for building energy consulting.

New kids on the block

new kids new products pg.jpg

Welcoming new Smart Probes from testo! Including the new testo 915i with immersion probe, testo 552i wireless vacuum probe and new HVAC Ultimate Kit.


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