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  • testo 184 G1 - Temperature, Humidity and Shock Data Logger

    Order-Nr. 0572 1846

    With the data logger testo 184 G1 for shock, humidity and temperature, you can now monitor the transport of sensitive products such as electronics, art, pharmaceuticals or foods safely and conveniently. Thanks to a start and stop button, the data logger guarantees easiest data recording operation. At their destination, a glance at the display or the LEDs tells you whether the configured limit values have been adhered to during transport.
    • Unlimited operating time

    • All in one data logger: PDF measurement data, configuration file and instruction manual

    • Immediate creation of a PDF report directly after connection to a computer

    • Transport monitoring in compliance with GxP, 21 CFR Part 11 and HACCP

    £ 219.00
    £ 262.80 incl. VAT
  • testo 160 TH - WiFi data logger with integrated temperature and humidity sensor

    Order-Nr. 0572 2021

    Protect your sensitive and valuable exhibits and archived material with WiFi data logger testo 160 TH with integrated temperature and humidity sensor. Air logger testo 160 TH ensures comprehensive monitoring of the ambient conditions in museums, storage depots and archives at all times. 
    • Data logger with integrated temperature and humidity sensor, small dimensions and discreet design

    • Blends in perfectly with the surroundings thanks to an optional, customisable deco-cover

    • Perfectly networked: data storage in the Testo Cloud, real-time alarm via email or SMS (optional in conjunction with an Advanced licence)

    • Simple to install, integrate and operate

    £ 159.00
    £ 190.80 incl. VAT
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