Testo World

We are proud to present our brand new facility, ‘Testo World.’ The 1200 square metre showroom is the first in the companies history, located at our headquarters in Germany. The complex includes 24 demo stations, 52 communication points, 81 product samples, 10 experience areas with 17 interactive touchscreens and a control centre with a super-size multimedia wall.

The purpose of Testo World is to exhibit our innovative technology and show products in action, demonstrating how they work together cohesively as a solution. We hope that this will be inspire our customers and business partners into beginning/improving a dialogue with Testo, whilst also creating an interest and excitement for the Testo brand and products.


Testo World covers the majority of our industries including:


  • HVAC/R - Thermal Imaging, Emission & Particles, Loggers & Data monitoring
  • Solutions - Food Manufacturing/Distribution/Service, Pharma Manufacturing & Healthcare
  • Testo Industrial Services - Calibration & Validation
  • Testo Sensor


The opening of Testo World is planned for the end of June 2019.