Calibration Equipment from Testo

Calibration Equipment from Testo

Testo offers a line of calibration products covering temperature, humidity, pressure, and air flow calibration requirements. Product specifications and descriptions can be accessed below.


In industrial environments, the precision of the measurement technology used is critical. This is especially important where the accuracy of the measuring instruments is tested: in calibration. However, not all pressure or differential pressure calibrations can be carried out in a laboratory when the equipment is permanently installed. The Pneumator can be used not only for stationary applications (in a laboratory), but also as a mobile calibrator. Additionally, it can serve as a precision measuring instrument on site, combining highest accuracy with reliable battery operation. Four ranges of capability are available.
Huminator Testo


Using the HUMINATOR, you can quickly and easily calibrate humidity measuring instruments, probes, and data loggers from Testo and other manufacturers. The HUMINATOR calibration system is a high-performance, stand alone temperature/humidity reference generator. The HUMINATOR generates conditions in the test chamber from 15° to 40 °C, and from 10% to 90%RH. With the special access panel of the chamber it is possible to calibrate four humidity probes at the same time. It is also possible to calibrate various data loggers.

Thermator multifunction Temperature Calibrator

Thermator Multifunction Temperature Calibrator

The Thermator is a multifunction temperature calibrator made by Testo. The Thermator offers four different operating modes (liquid bath, dry block, infrared and surface) using interchangeable inserts. The calibration range of -20° to 150°C) applies to all 4 operating modes.
Mini Wind Tunnel

Testo's Mini Wind Tunnel

The Testo mini wind tunnel is designed for regular checks of the velocity probes and measuring instruments in your company or for on-site calibrations at a customer location. All Testo velocity probes, with the exception of vane probes with a diameter of 100mm, can be checked and calibrated using the mini wind tunnel.