Food safety: Keeping food safe with reliable measuring technology

With over 60 years of experience in the manufacture of precise measurement instrumentation and solutions, Testo is proud to be a trusted partner in the food industry. From food transportation and storage, through production and preparation, all the way to when food reaches the consumer, Testo offers numerous measuring instruments and all-in-one solutions to ensure food quality and safety at all times. 

Whether you’re looking for a food thermometer to measure final cooking temperatures, or a software-enabled digital food safety management system, we’re happy to support your food safety and quality needs!

Comprehensive Digital Food Safety Solutions

The testo Saveris Food Solutions enable owners and managers of multi-unit operations to deploy and monitor complex tasks around food preparation, food safety and documentation.  The Saveris technology will empower your people with clear workflows, automate on-going process monitoring, improve food quality and safety while lowering costs.


Keep Food Safe with Reliable Measurement Technology

Testo offers various measuring instruments for food that are engineered for the precise measurement needs across diverse sectors of the food industry, including food service, production, manufacturing, grocery/retail and more. These are ideal for recording and documenting the relevant measurement parameters such as temperature, cooking oil quality, humidity and more!

Food Safety Tool Finder

Take a short quiz to find out what Testo food safety tool is right for your application! In just 5 minutes, we can match you with the perfect measurement or digital solutions to fit your needs.

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