Frequently Asked Questions About testo Saveris 2

testo Saveris 2 Easy Setup Questions

Do I need to install software for testo Saveris 2?

No. No software needs to be installed on your local computer. In order to access your data and use testo Saveris 2 for humidity and temperature monitoring, you just need an Internet browser (e.g. Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari) and Internet access.

Is my current PC adequate for testo Saveris 2?

A standard PC or laptop with Internet access and an up-to-date browser is all you need to operate testo Saveris 2 for humidity and temperature monitoring.

Do I need a smartphone to use testo Saveris 2?

You can access the system from any device with an Internet browser that allows you to access the Internet. A smartphone is only one option and not a necessity for operating testo Saveris 2.What do I need to start using testo Saveris 2 (WLAN, router, etc.)?

To begin humidity and temperature monitoring with testo Saveris 2 a wireless network is required. Local Internet access is necessary for operating testo Saveris 2.

May I also use testo Saveris 2 in my own infrastructure?

Yes. You may use the system within your own WLAN infrastructure.

Measuring Locations and Wireless Range

Can I monitor several rooms with testo Saveris 2?

Of course you can use testo Saveris 2 to carry out humidity and temperature monitoring in several rooms. Please make sure that wireless Internet is available and the reception is strong enough in the rooms being monitored.

I would like to measure at three different locations. Do I also need three systems?

Testo Saveris 2 allows you to coordinate separate locations in one single system. The prerequisite for this is that local wireless Internet access is available at each location. You can then coordinate the different locations in one “system” in your account.

What is the wireless range like for testo Saveris 2?

The wireless ranges of the individual wireless data loggers correspond to those of typical WLAN devices. Ultimately, the range depends on the local conditions, installed materials (e.g. wooden ceiling/floor as opposed to reinforced concrete), and any other potential disruptive influences.

What happens, if the power supply or WLAN fails?

The wireless data loggers are battery operated and equipped with a memory for 10,000 measured values. If your WLAN should fail due to a local power outage, the wireless data loggers will continue measuring at the defined measuring rate until the network is available again. All of the measurement data is then transmitted to the server. If the server is unable to receive measurement data due to a power outage, you can set up your system to automatically send you a warning message.

Where is my data stored?

Your data is backed up in the Cloud by Testo. This means it is safely stored on a server in a computer center. This is subject to extremely high standards for data availability and your data is reliably protected against unauthorized access.

Where are the servers located and which data protection regulations apply there?

Different servers are used to store your data depending on where your system is located.

How long will my data be stored?

Testo stores data for 12 months. You may of course download your data at any time and save it locally beyond this period.

Using Wireless Data Loggers

How many wireless data loggers may I connect?

The number of wireless data loggers you connect is unlimited.

Which parameters can I monitor with testo Saveris 2?

At the moment, wireless data loggers with sensors for temperature and relative humidity are available for testo Saveris 2. The measuring range will be successively extended to include relevant parameters in the future.

Does the testo Saveris 2 hardware (wireless data loggers) belong to me?

Your purchase of the wireless data loggers mean these belong to you.

May I monitor my food store rooms with testo Saveris 2? Is the system certified?

The wireless data loggers T1 and T2 (2-channel temperature with optional door contact logging) of your testo Saveris 2 have been tested and certified in accordance with DIN EN 12830. You can therefore also use these to monitor the temperature in your cold food storage rooms safely and in compliance with standards.

Will I be notified when the data loggers' batteries start running low?

In addition to the option of being warned when individual limit values are exceeded, you will also be notified about changing the wireless data loggers' batteries when these start running low.