Reduce emissions. Increase efficiency.
The Testo flue gas analyzers.

The portable analyzers testo 340 and testo 350 can be used at any measuring location. Equipped with suitable probes and sensors, they determine the relevant flue gas values and display them in plain text on the clear display. Typical applications include burners, industrial engines, gas turbines, thermal processes, power plants, and steel and cement plants. See for yourself:

testo 340 application

testo 350 application

The ideal handheld instrument for industrial flue gas analysis – testo 340

combined with field hardened know-how offers you the best for tuning & commissioning:

  • Maximum mobility
  • Long service life
  • Reliable measurements
  • Easy operation
  • No surprises!
testo 340

 Ideal for most demanding emissions testing and combustion analysis – testo 350

Emission Testing at a higher level: The testo 350 not only provides an impressive array of analyses, it’s accuracy is second to none:
  • Rugged duty industrial design
  • Low range (0.1 ppm) testing
  • Automatic test programming
  • Wireless long-range DAS
  • For EPA and state testing
testo 350