Perfect for testing – perfect for service!

Test refrigeration systems and heat pumps efficiently with the testo Smart Probes refrigeration set and carry out maintenance with the digital manifolds.

A concise video will show you how quickly and efficiently refrigeration systems and heat pumps...

  • can be tested with the testo Smart Probes refrigeration set and the testo Smart Probes App.

    1. Direct, hoseless pressure connection enables low refrigerant loss.
    2. Evaporation/condensation temperature and superheating/subcooling in real time via testo Smart Probes App.
    3. Easy documentation and transmission of data via testo Smart Probes App.
  • can be serviced with the testo 549, 550, 557 and 570 digital manifolds.

    1. Precise and fast pressure and temperature measurement.
    2. Determine superheating/subcooling along with evaporation/condensation temperature in real time.
    3. Temperature-compensated leakage testing and reliable evacuation.

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