Boiler & Burner Testing with a testo 350 Portable Emission Analyzer


The measurements of O2, CO, NO and NO2, combined with automatic calculations (CO2, efficiency, excess air), provide fast boiler and burner tuning solutions. The 350's compact design is perfect for working on a platform or small space.


Measures true NOx (NO and NO2) for proper burner set up and unsurpassed accuracy.

Boiler-specific menus take the guess work out of testing. No need to remove the probe from the stack - simply press the "fresh air purge." It increases sensor life and keeps you off ladders and safely on the ground. Active gas coCleaver Brooks boilernditioning is mandatory for EPA and high accuracy testing and the 350's integrated gas conditioning system (thermoelectric cooler with automatic condensate removal pump) delivers dry basis data as required for most reporting. The new, more powerful pump automatically controls sample fl ow rate for EPA accuracy.

The testo 350 portable emission analyzer probes are specifically designed for boiler testing. A modular design incorporates integrated thermocouples and "click-on" longer probles can withstand temperatures up to 1832 °F for greater testing flexibility. Teflon lined sample hoses provide the highest level of accuracy. Heavy particulate loading from coal-fired fuels are easily handled with the sintered filter options. Heated sample lines and the industrial probe option cover all your testing requirements.


Velocity - Mass Flow - Lbs. / Hr, Tons / Year

Self-zeroing pressure sensor allows for long term mass emission flow measurements. With an optional pitot tube you can quickly measure velocity and determine mass flow even during long term testing. The testo 350 makes reports in lbs/hour easy!

Multi-port testing for better combustion control. Sometimes a single sample location is just not enough. Connect (BUS) two analyzers together for faster testing and a better understanding of pre- and post-catalyst performance