Emission measurement

Emissions testing and combustion analysis are critical for systems to operate safely, efficiently, and to ensure they are in compliance with EPA and State regulations.

Testing priority pollutants (such as the oxides of nitrogen (NOx), Carbon Monoxide CO) using US EPA test methods is common. For good combustion, understanding the excess air and leakage routes or measuring the draft, stack pressures, or velocities are essential.  Testo’s analyzers are perfect for compliance testing, troubleshooting, tuning, and even semi-continuous monitoring.  A wide variety of industrial probes and data acquisition software proves why more regulatory agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and testing professionals trust Testo analyzers.

O2 - CO - CO2 - NOx (NO, NO2) - H2S - CH
Efficiency, Excess air, Draft, ppm, MMBtu, Gm/Brake Horsepower

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