Emission measurement

Industrial companies are under permenant pressure to ensure that all processes work smoothly.  Measurement solutions from Testo support you in guaranteeing your efficiency, and thus reduce your costs - e.g. in preventative maintenence, with thermal imagers, in indoor climate monitoring with data logger systems, and in regulation technology with meaurement transmitters.  In addition to this, Testo offers portable emissiuons measuring systems which can be used to monitor the adherence to environmental systems.

Compliance testing


In most countries, operation of all types of industrial plants is subject to strict regulations governing exhaust gas emissions into the atmosphere.

  • Verify that the components defined as pollutants do not exceed certain limit values in the flue gas
  • Carry out a preliminary flue gas analysis before an official emissions reading

Combustion tuning & efficiency testing


Flue gas analysis instruments are one of the items of equipment that are used on a daily basis by service engineers to achieve optimum tuning of engines.

  • Tune the engine to the optimum operating parameters while complying with the limit value regulations in force
  • Avoid downtimes over the long term

Industrial combustion applications


Gas turbines are subject to flue gas limit values which are to be adhered to during operation and regularly checked depending on the size of the system.

  • Check the system's emission values for adherence to limit values and for the manufacturer's specifications
  • Extreme accuracy for the work on LowNOx gas turbines

testo 340 4-Gas Combustion Analyzer


Optimizing combustion, increasing efficiency and minimizing fuel use are necessary to compete in today's market. The Testo 340 provides the information to understand your process, enabling you to make informed combustion decisions. It is the ideal tool to confirm proper set-up or identify emission problems.

  • Up to 4-gas sensors to use and measure simultaneously
  • CO sensor with dilution (option) for high-range testing

testo 350 Portable Emission Analyzer


Whether you are testing for compliance or troubleshooting and tuning the testo 350 portable emission analyzer offers everything you need!

  • Color graphic display is easy to see in dark or bright conditions
  • Go wireless with long-range 300 ft. Bluetooth (or wired to over 3,000 ft.) to eliminate long sample lines
  • Hands-free operation with integrated magnets for mounting to steel surfaces

Emissions monitoring on ships


On ships, as little visible smoke should be produced as possible, and the soot content kept to a minimum. n shipbuilding, the smoke count also plays an important part.

  • Test whether the smoke count of marine diesel engines does not exceed the prescribed limit values
  • Prove the soot emission in the diesel exhaust to custormers