Temperature monitoring in the Healthcare Industry

Temperature and humidity conditions are key to the proper storage and handling of vaccines and medicines.

Guidance and regulatory documents exist in order to ensure the highest level of protection for temperature sensitive products. This includes products stored in hospitals, healthcare facilities, laboratories, and clinics.

Testo’s cloud based WiFi data logger system allows for continuous monitoring with minimum effort.

Supervisión de temperatura en farmacias y hospitales

Your challenge

Temperature Monitoring

  • Paper based temperature logging is labor intensive and prone to errors
  • Mandatory refrigerator and freezer monitoring in order to adhere to CDC guidance
  • No visibility when offsite, even traditional data loggers offer no alerts or alarms
  • Other data logger vendors have costly monthly fees
Temperature monitoring in pharmacies and hospitals

Your solution

The testo Saveris 2 WIFI data logger system

  • Testo Saveris 2 data loggers meet and exceed public health requirements and guidance
  • Data loggers automatically log and store temperature data in the cloud
  • Get alerted when you are onsite or on the move, with SMS and email alerts
  • No Monthly Fees! Just plug and play
Temperature monitoring in pharmacies and hospitals

Your advantages

How Saveris 2 creates more visibility in daily business

  • Cloud based means access to your temperature data from any internet enabled device
  • Saveris 2 offers temperature, humidity, CO2, and atmospheric pressure sensors
  • Saveris 2 units operate during power outages, ensuring highest level of data protection
  • Testo industry experts on staff to support you with the qualification and validation of your process

Application Example:
Saveris 2 in Pharmacies

Saveris 2 Application Paper Preview
See how the Testo Saveris 2 is an ideal solution for the autonomous monitoring of temperature and humidity in Pharmacy Applications

Application Example:
Saveris 2 in Hospital Facilities

Discover how testo Saveris 2 is the ideal climate monitoring solution in hospitals

Application Example:
Saveris 2 in Healthcare

Find out how testo Saveris 2 ensures secure temperature monitoring in a pharmacy or healthcare facility.

Get to know our licence models

Choose the scope of function which suits you
The licence models of testo Saveris 2

For entry-level users: Basic licence

  • Free Cloud access
  • Pre-set measurement rate
  • Alarm by e-mail


Our tip: Full flexibility with the Advanced licence

  • Reports automatically sent by e-mail fulfil the documentation obligation
  • Several user accounts e.g. for different branches
  • Conveneint alarm by SMS

Pajunk USA

The Saveris data loggers work well for our needs and I can access the readings even when I am working from home due to the corona virus pandemic.

The wireless LAN data logger system testo Saveris 2

Saveris 2 Digital data logger for vaccine fridges and freezers

Every pharmacy is different, but the protection of temperature sensitive goods is always a priority. With Testo saveris 2 you choose the right data logger for your specific measurement application. Whether you need to monitor temperature or temperature and humidity. We would be happy to assist you with this. Testo saveris offers a set for monitoring refrigerators that store vaccines or medicines. This saveris refrigerator set meets and exceeds CDC recommendations for a digital data logger.

Expert knowledge

Gain a competitive edge when it comes to carrying out measuring tasks:

  • Testo white paper IAQ monitoring
  • Testo GxP Dictionary
  • Plus lots more downloads


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