The importance of mould detection

The precise visualization of mould danger is of great significance in building diagnosis, as lacking or inaccurate analyses can cause damage with serious consequences.

In order to avoid this risk, potential risk spots have to be identified as exactly as possible.

With a thermal imager and a wireless humidity probe from Testo, you can do this professionally, easily and absolutely reliably

Mould in buildings is not only unsightly, it can also be dangerous. Mould detection is important, as inhaling mould fragments or spores can cause irritation to the airways and potentially more severe respiratory issues. Mould can also cause structural defects within a building which is also a danger. Mould detection from testo, such as the testo 872 building diagnosis kit, can help detect mould early giving you more time to respond to the root cause of the issue.

The challenge

Mould growth in a corner
  • Mould can form anywhere where too much moisture occurs e.g. on walls or ceilings.
  • Causes for this can be insufficient ventilation or cold bridges plus humid ambient air.
  • Many damp spots are not identifiable with the naked eye, and can only be detected with professional measurement technology.

The solution

How to measure mould danger
  • Thermal imager and wireless humidity probe reliably and exactly visualize mould danger.
  • Using both measuring instruments together, the relative surface moisture can be easily calculated.
  • Mould-danger spots are clearly presented in the thermal image using a traffic light system.

The Testo building diagnosis sets

Practical complete set
  • Complete set for building diagnosis pros: Thermal imager testo 885-2 or testo 875-2i incl. free wireless humidity probe and case.
  • You work with outstanding image quality and SuperResolution technology for even more detailed thermal images.
  • Incl. application software IRSoft for professional image processing, analysis and report creation.

Select your imager and order your complete set.

testo 875-2i thermal imager (including pro software, SD card, USB cable, carrying strap, lens cleaning cloth, mains unit, rechargeable Li-ion battery, headset, soft case, tripod adapter), wireless humidity probe, case.

testo 885-2 thermal imager (incl. pro software, SD card, USB cable, carrying strap, lens cleaning cloth, mains unit, rechargeable Li-ion battery and headset), wireless humidity probe, case.

Download example application:
"Identifying mould danger more accurately – with thermal imagers and humidity probes from Testo"

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