Valuable food deserves the greatest care.

Standards and guidelines in the cold chain

Measuring instruments from Testo have for years been in use along the entire cold chain.

In incoming goods, storage and during transport, our thermometers, pH measuring instruments, data loggers or measurement data monitoring systems contribute to ensuring food safety and adhering to legal stipulations and norms.

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Download: Tips and tricks for cold-chain-mandatory foods.

Tips and tricks for cold-chain-mandatory foods

Our experts know exactly what to pay attention to in the case of sensitive foods from farm to fork. They know the microbiological background, specific limit values and legal framework requirements.

This collected knowledge is now available to you as a free download.

  • Precise quality monitoring in delivery
  • Reliable prevention of health hazards for consumers
  • continuous recording of temperature and humidity
  • Individual solutions with the data loggers from Testo and the monitoring system testo Saveris 2
  • Uninterrupted monitoring and documentation
  • HACCP "temperature limit value deviation" risk safely under control

Cold chain expertise