Excerpt: Case Study - Testo Saveris Food Solutions

“All printing was eliminated, creating an additional $40,000 in annual savings. The company also estimated that it’s managerial inspections for up-to-date documents could be eliminated, saving another $25,000…

…the manager for both locations found that the overall cleanliness at the Deli counter seemed to improve. During an interview at the end of the pilot study the deli managers were asked, why did they think the managers noticed improvement in the overall cleanliness and appearance of the deli counter area? The response was clear. Numerous temperature checks were eliminated due to embedded sensors in the deli case and employees had more time to straighten shelves and keep the product appearance at its peak. When asked further to quantify the amount of time saved due to automated temperature checks and automated alarms, employees felt that 30-60 minutes per shift was saved avoiding numerous hand recorded temperature checks.”

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