More and more foods are covering greater and greater distances on the way from the producer to the consumer. Whether deep-frozen foods or farmed products such as vegetables, fish, meat, dairy products or coffee – customers expect always fresh and qualitatively impeccable goods. In order to guarantee this, you are reliant on the continuous monitoring and documentation of temperature and humidity in the transport of foods according to HACCP and DIN EN 12830. The data loggers testo 184 T1, testo 184 T2, testo 184 T3, testo 184 T4, testo 184 H1 and testo 184 G1 support you in this.

Key benefits

  • The testo 184 data loggers have been certified by HACCP International.
  • Quick, easy configuration via USB – no software needed.
  • Clear identification of limit value violations via LEDs and display.
  • Easy evaluation thanks to automatically generated PDF report.
  • Delivered with traceable calibration certificate in accordance with ISO 17025, which is included on the logger in the form of a PDF.