Environmental Monitoring for Museums, Archives, Galleries, and Libraries

Museums protect and preserve our past and our great works of art. The paintings, sculptures, papers, fabrics, and metal objects must be stored under different environmental conditions to preserve them for enjoyment by future generations. They have great monetary value, are often irreplaceable, and must be protected from theft. But are they protected from high or low humidity conditions, heat or cold?

Conservators have the answers as they are the experts in preservation and they recommend precise storage conditions. Testo manufactures precise monitoring instrumentation with automated alerting and recording of museum storage or artwork shipping conditions.

Our solutions will help to alert you on conditions leading to growth of mold or excessive dryness causing wood cracks or paper preservation issues. With Testo environmental monitoring instruments you will have a permanent record of storage or shipment conditions and easy access to your monitoring data. Testo instrumentation provides time logs at user-selected intervals with alarm settings if the pre-set points are crossed.


Environmental monitoring system:


  • Hybrid 2.4 GHz wireless and/or Ethernet communication system.
  • Monitoring of temperature, humidity and measurable values from external 4-20 mA or 1-10 V inputs
  • Can also alert to pre-alarm trends


Environmental monitoring system:

Cloud-based Wi-Fi.

  • Software free stationary system: Wi-Fi loggers and a secure Cloud-system
  • Temperature and humidity information is accessible from any device with PC or mobile device
  • Text message and email alarm notifications can be assigned to recipients

Transport monitoring

USB Logger T184 G1: Temperature, Humidity, and Shock

    • Loggers record shipment conditions of artwork, archives, and exhibits.
    • Plug in to the USB port, programmed using an internal PDF setup file
    • Instant PDF reports: No software required


Spot checks:

Testo light meters

  • Functions (t540): Hold, Minimum, Maximum Values
  • Easy to use and reliable
  • Combine Lux and other parameters with selected products

Perfect for show cases:

t 174H logger kit

  • Small temperature and humidity logger
  • Cradle with USB cable for PC connectivity
  • Free Comsoft Base software

Testo is a proud member of the American Alliance of Museums and offers complete solutions for museums, archives, galleries and libraries.

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