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Food Services

Automated quality management for restaurant chains.
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Full visibility and maximum efficiency in the food and supermarket cold chain.

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Central monitoring of audit-relevant environmental parameters.
Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfection Basics
June 5

Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfection Basics

For the food industry, standard practices for cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting are more important than ever, and are increasing for businesses in foodservice, grocery/retail and more. With these efforts prevailing, here are some important basics to keep in mind:   Read More

Employee Hygiene in Foodservice and Retail
June 2

Employee Hygiene in Foodservice and Retail

In the current environment of global pandemic, hygiene and cleanliness procedures are more essential than ever for the food industry. With the Covid-19 pandemic affecting the way foodservice establishments operate, integrating additional steps and preventative measures related to sanitation and hygiene are critical to food production during this time. To assist, we have pulled together some of the most important reminders related to employee hygiene for food businesses...   Read More

Why so called ‘cheap’ thermometers are costing you more than you think
May 22

Why so called ‘cheap’ thermometers are costing you more than you think

Since a food thermometer is such an important tool during various steps of food preparation, it has become essential that accurate and reliable thermometers be readily accessible. With so many cheap, poorly manufactured thermometers available, many businesses are tempted to purchase a lower quality product. This is understandable to an extent; if the person responsible for sourcing the company's equipment is looking through a brochure or website, it can be hard to differentiate between models when it comes to things like accuracy, toughness and build quality. If all the options look the same, I might as well buy the cheap one, right? In the short term, perhaps this is the case...   Read More!


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