6 Degrees of Separation: Introduction

Within the life sciences industry, there are literally hundreds of different types of temperature applications that need to be captured or monitored for safety, integrity, and quality of products. All temperature conditions are recorded in different ways through different equipment and applications.

Each temperature value can be validated, mapped, and linked to a type of controlled temperature unit (CTU), facility/warehouse temperature requirement or transportation temperature. Finally, each of these temperature values is interconnected and integral in each step of the process for researching and developing, manufacturing, storing, and transporting your drug product or material within regulatory and end user requirements.

This is post 1 of an 8-part series that we are calling "6 Degrees of Separation”. In this 8-part series, we will be looking at the various areas and applications where temperature is the guiding factor to a successful product or process. Every week we will focus in on certain temperatures and discuss life science industry applications with equipment and software solutions to help you understand each temperature requirement within your facility. Stay tuned!


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