Measuring Instruments from Testo: News

New Products

The testo 300 flue gas analyzer

The testo 300 flue gas analyzer
Flue gas measurement truly smart.

testo 440 air velocity & IAQ measuring instrument

The new testo 440 air velocity & IAQ measuring instrument
Combines versatility with maximum ease of use.

Monitoring system testo 160

New monitoring system testo 160 for museums, archives, galleries and libraries
For museums, archives, galleries and libraries.

Product Highlights

testo Smart Probes:
Compact Bluetooth Instruments

testo smart probes
Smartphone. Smart Probes. Smart work.

testo Saveris Data Logger System: Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

Temperature monitoring with the testo Saveris data logger system
Easy, secure, and efficient measurement data monitoring.

testo Saveris 2 Wi-Fi Data Loggers: Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

testo saveris 2
All measurement data. Always available. On any device.

testo DiSCmini

testo DiSCmini
Maximum control in the nano range.

Fully automatic soot generator testo REXS

testo REXS soot generator
With high output and reproducible particle characteristics.

Portable nanoparticle counter testo Nanomet3

Portable nanoparticle counter testo Nanomet3
For real driving emissions (RDE): Test any vehicle. Anywhere.

testo 270
Cooking Oil Tester

testo 270
Intuitive. Robust. Safe.

testo 480 Multi-Function Instrument:
VAC Grid and Comfort Measurement

Digital temperature, humidity and air flow meter testo 480
With a complete probe range.

testo 420
Air Flow Capture Hood

Volume flow hood testo 420
Impressively light. Fast setup. Convenient operation.

Thermal Imaging

The new thermal imagers  from Testo.
The right model for every requirement.

testo 330i Flue Gas Analyzer

testo 330i
A new advancement in flue gas measurement.