Working at Testo

Encouragement of Employee Participation

Qualified and motivated staff is the basis of our success.

Management at Testo is always available, giving you the opportunity to present your ideas through an Open-Door Policy and suggestion box.

This policy seeks to encourage employees to participate in decisions affecting them and their daily professional responsibilities. We encourage you to discuss your concerns, questions, suggestions, and comments with us. It is an opportunity to make yourself heard, so that appropriate steps can be taken towards continuous improvement.

Andy Kuczkuda

Andy Kuczkuda

Vice President

Employee at Testo since 1985

“I have been a Testo employee for 30 years. Testo recognized and offered me the opportunities for growth through the years. No matter what stage you are at with your career, Testo makes it possible for you to develop your skills and rise to the level you feel content with.”

Doug Iwachow

Doug Iwachow

Marketing Communication

Employee at Testo since 2011

"I started working with Testo, Inc. in February 2011 in the Service Department. Having a background in Media Communications and Design, I was given an opportunity to further apply my degree in the Marketing Department. Combining my design background, as well as my technical knowledge, I am able to provide a strong bridge between both the Marketing and Service Departments."

Linda Bubenhofer

Linda Bubenhofer

Intern from Germany (Business Administration)

Employee at Testo since 2012

"I appreciate the opportunity to do my internship here. I am having an amazing time, while learning a lot! The outstanding thing about Testo is the spirit of the employees. They are all very friendly, motivated, and helpful.”