Testo Offers New 549 High Performance Digital Manifold AC/Refrigeration System Analyzer

Sparta, NJ (April 1, 2015) – Testo has further optimized the price-performance ratio of digital manifolds with the introduction of the testo 549. The company is addressing users who are still operating analog manifolds by providing a price that makes analog manifold gauges obsolete. The product advantages make the 549 the only digital manifold gauge that contractors will need. The testo 549 fulfils all the daily requirements in refrigeration contracting. The 549 has 60 refrigerant profiles stored internally, a 5 year warranty (with registration), measures high / low side pressure, displays saturation / evaporation temperatures, and provides digital accuracy that cannot be achieved with analog manifold gauges. With optional temperature probes*, the testo 549 provides accurate, real-time superheat and sub-cooling at the push of a button.

Testo, Inc. develops and manufactures handheld test and measurement instrumentation for numerous markets including HVAC/R, Emission Monitoring, Food, Pharmaceuticals, Energy, Life Sciences and many other industries. Additionally, Testo is recognized as a leading global manufacturer of portable combustion efficiency and emission analyzers, temperature, pressure, moisture, and thermal imaging test and measurement instruments. Backed by over 50 years of measuring engineering experience and expertise, Testo’s mission is to provide the best quality, service and value in test and measurement instrumentation.

*Temperature probes sold separately