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  • testo 190-P1 - CFR Pressure data logger

    Order-Nr. 0572 1900

    Use the testo 190-P1 CFR pressure data logger for efficient monitoring of sterilization and freeze-drying processes. Designed for the pharmaceutical industry, the testo 190-P1 CFR data logger is ideally suited for tightness or overpressure testing in autoclaves and freeze-drying systems.
    • High-precision monitoring of absolute pressure in the 1 mbar to 4 barabs range

    • Durable, robust, reliably tight, even after changing the battery

    • Changing the battery takes just seconds, saving time and increasing efficiency

    • Simultaneous programming and readout of several CFR data loggers via the multifunction case

  • testo 176P1 - Five-channel pressure, temperature, and RH data logger

    Order-Nr. 0572 1767

    The testo 176P1 pressure, temperature, and humidity measurement logger has a large display that makes it easy to read. The 176P1 is an ideal pressure, temperature, and RH data logger for the highly accurate and secure documentation of conditions in a laboratory, enviro chamber, clean room, or hospital control area. Creation of Excel Spreadsheets, PDFs, and data analysis are all easily achieved with the free, downloadable ComSoft software.
    • Pressure, temperature, and humidity measurements

    • Internal pressure and external temperature and humidity probes for quick, highly accurate measurements

    • Large, easy to read, backlit display

    • Large data memory capable of storing 2,000,000 measurements

  • testo 160 IAQ - Wi-Fi data logger with display and internal sensors for temperature, humidity, CO2, and atmospheric pressure

    Order-Nr. 0572 2014

    The easy to use testo 160 IAQ Wi-Fi data logger is ideal for monitoring indoor air quality.  Using internal sensors for temperature, humidity, CO2, and atmospheric pressure, the testo 160 IAQ accurately determines the air conditions of a monitored area.
    • Ideal for monitoring indoor air quality (IAQ)

    • Simple to install, integrate, and operate; the air quality is displayed with traffic light style green, yellow, and red LED notifications

    • Optional paintable logger cover helps conceal the logger in an exhibit

    • Logger sends data to the Testo Cloud using your existing Wi-Fi network, alarms by email (Basic License), and optional text messages with the Advanced License

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