Manifold Valve Replacement Kit

Order-Nr.  400554 5500

Testo’s Manifold Valve Replacement Kit includes all the necessary parts to repair leaky valve assemblies in the field. NOTE: This item is designed to diagnose and solve issues with the valves only. If sensors or block is leaking, further repair action must be taken.

Product Description

The Valve Replacement Kit is compatible with the testo 549, 550, 557, and 570. Please be advised that with 4 port manifolds (testo 557, 570), two Valve Replacement Kits may be required.


Delivery Scope

2x Knobs, 1x(Blue) Knob Insert, 1x(Red) Knob Insert, 2x Locking Pins, 2x Valve Seal and Cup, 2x Valve Nut and Stem