New monitoring system for museums, archives, galleries and libraries

Monitoring system testo 160

For many museum visitors, the indoor climate is not noticeable as long as they feel comfortable, but for the great works of art, the right climate is a matter of long-term survival.

The testo 160 monitoring system will help you to manage prevention, to keep the artwork free of mold, discoloration, corrosion, delamination, cracking, or physical distortion.  The system easily blends in with the museum surrounding and delivers necessary data streams and alerts.

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Your challenge


Works of art are very sensitive to fluctuations in the ambient conditions in the rooms in which they are exhibited or stored.

  • Monitor indoor climate, light exposure, and air quality where they have an influence on the condition of the artwork
  • Have the documentation of the indoor climate, and light exposure throughout the year
  • Be alerted to sudden climate changes so the corrective action can be taken

Our Solution

Monitoring system testo 160

The testo 160 monitoring system lets you monitor the temperature, humidity, light intensity, UV radiation, and CO2 concentration automatically, continuously with a very low visibility profile.

  • Small logger sizes, paintable housing covers help to hide loggers
  • Channel alarm functions (e-mail & texting)
  • Simplified installation and operation, no computer software needed
  • Measurement data transfer by local Wi-Fi directly to the Testo Cloud storage

The right model for every requirement.

For temperature and humidity

  • Data logger with internal temperature and humidity sensor

For temperature, humidity, lux and UV

  • Data logger with internal temperature and humidity sensor
  • Connections for 2 additional external probes

For temperature, humidity, lux and UV

  • Data logger with internal temperature and humidity sensor
  • Internal sensors for lux and UV

For exhibition and display cabinets

  • Data logger with connection for 2 probes
  • Connects to temperature and humidity probes, lux probe, or UV radiation and lux probe

For indoor air quality

  • Data logger with internal temperature and humidity sensor
  • Internal sensor for CO2 and atmospheric pressure

Unobtrusive, fully featured, and accessible:

Paintable housing covers

Deco-cover for testo 160

Blend into the background

  • Deco cover can be painted or decorated
  • Clip it on the logger
  • Logger stays hidden in the background and doesn't take any attention away from the display

External cable probes

testo 160 external sensor

Monitoring in glass display cases

  • Perfect for hiding in the display cases where logger would be too noticeable
  • Sensors for °F / °C, %RH, Lux, and UV
  • Work with climate controlled cases

The Testo Cloud

Testo cloud for testo 160

See everything at any time

  • Measurement data transfer to the TestoCloud using existing Wi-Fi network
  • Graphs and data tables are always accessible
  • Access by a phone app or standard PC, iOS or Android browser

Alarms come when the pre-set points are crossed

testo 160 alarm function

Always on guard

  • Immediate alarm notification by email or text message
  • Includes alarming for light intensity (ex. full sun on the object)