Refrigeration measuring technology for every job.

  • testo Smart Probes: Perfect for quick testing, and complete diagnostics monitoring, with smartphone operation.
  • testo 550 / 557 Digital Manifolds: Equipped to simplify refrigeration system servicing, with all around innovative features.

Perfect for testing.

  • 2 clamp thermometers, 2 high pressure measuring instruments, App and testo Smart Case
  • Hoseless application for low refrigerant loss
  • Operation, measurement data analysis  and report creation via testo Smart Probes App


Test refrigeration systems with the testo Smart Probes App

testo Smart Probes App

  • Wireless control of the Testo Smart Probes
  • Calculate evaporation / condensation temperature and superheating / subcooling
  • Analyze measurement data, add photos and send them by e-mail

Perfect for service.

  • Calculation of superheating and subcooling in real time
  • Temperature-compensated tightness testing, automatic ambient pressure measurement
  • 60 refrigerants stored
  • Refrigeration App for remote monitoring and refrigerant updates
Refrigeration service with the testo Refrigeration App

testo refrigeration App

  • Monitoring the current measurement
  • Easy refrigerant updates
  • Create reports, adds photos, and send by e-mail

More products for refrigeration service

Vacuum measuring instrument testo 552

Vacuum measuring instrument with Bluetooth

  • For the highly precise evacuation of refrigeration systems and heat pumps.
  • Compatible with testo Smart Probes App.
testo 770-3 clamp meter

Clamp meter

  • For measuring current consumption at a compressor.
  • Compatible with testo Smart Probes App.
Valve spare part set for testo 549/550/557/570

Spare valve set

  • Replacement of 2 valve mechanisms with 4 valve knob covers (red, blue and 2 x black).
  • For testo 549/550/557/570.

testo 760-2 digital multimeter

Digital multimeter

  • With true root mean square measurement (TRMS) and automatic measurement parameter recognition.
testo 316-3 leakge detector

Leakage detector

  • For HFC, HCFC, CFC. Sensitivity < 4 g/a.
testo 316-4 leakge detector

Leakage detector

  • For HFC, HCFC, CFC, H2. Sensitivity < 3 g/a.