Bluetooth thermometer

These compact professional temperature measuring devices operated by smartphone are perfectly equipped for the most important temperature measurements in heating, air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration.

Depending on the application, you can choose from four different measuring instruments for smart temperature measurements.

NEW: testo 915i – wireless Smart Probe with plug-in temperature probes

  • Wireless temperature measurement with smartphone operation in various applications
  • Precise, fast-reaction and robust plug-in temperature probes (TC Type K, Class 1) with measuring range up to -58 to 792 °F
  • Secure attachment of the plug-in Testo measurement probes thanks to new locking mechanism; compatible with common TC probes Type K
  • Easy operation, evaluation and documentation with cost-free testo Smart App
  • Automatic Bluetooth connection to smartphones, tablets or Testo measuring instruments with a range of up to 328 feet
  • High measurement accuracy thanks to factory system calibration
  • testo 915i testo 915i

    testo 915i - Thermometer with immersion/penetration probe and smartphone operation

    Order-Nr. 0563 1915

    $ 150.00
    excl. tax
    • Smart Probe for wireless temperature measurement in a wide range of applications, thanks to a large selection of probes and compatibility with standard type K thermocouple probes
    • Robust, fast-response immersion/penetration probe (TC type K, class 1) with secure attachment via innovative locking mechanism in the handle, ideal for temperature measurements in liquids, pastes and semi-solid media, measuring range -50 to +400 °C

More Smart probes for smart temperature measurement

  • testo 805i testo 805i

    testo 805i - Infrared thermometer wireless Smart Probe

    Order-Nr. 0560 1805

    $ 136.00
    excl. tax
    • Measures non-contact temperature
    • Optic target ratio (10:1)

We recommend these Smart Probes kits with smartphone thermometers

  • testo Smart Probes VAC kit testo Smart Probes VAC Kit delivery

    testo Smart Probes VAC kit

    Order-Nr. 0563 0003 10

    • Measurement of air and surface temperature, humidity, air velocity and volume flow
    • Measurement menus for volume flow measurement in ducts and at outlets, identification of mould risk, easy image documentation including IR temperature reading and measurement spot marking
  • testo Smart Probes Heating Set Testo Smart Probes Heating Kit

    testo Smart Probes Heating Set - Wireless Smart Probe Kit

    Order-Nr. 0563 0004

    $ 376.00
    excl. tax
    • Measures manifold gas pressure, pressure drop, air flow, (with optional pitot tube), and pipe and radiator temperatures
    • Performs timed pressure leak-down tests on pipe systems

Overview of all Smart Probes and Smart Probes kits