View all data at any time: The Testo Cloud

No software needed. We offer a free Cloud access for your Wi-Fi data logger system. The Testo Cloud stores your data online, and you can use it to configure loggers, view and manage the measurement values, and to assign users and alarm recipients. To setup and configure your system in the Testo Cloud - follow the step-by-step instructions at your account web page.

How indoor climate monitoring works with the testo 160.

The testo 160 gives you a full view of ambient environment, and it doesn'tmatter where you are. The data is automatically uploaded to the Testo Cloud at intervals of your choice. Automatic alarm notifications allow you to react fast to sudden changes, such as an AC system shutdown.
Testo Cloud for testo 160

Online data storage

The Testo Cloud is the central operating hub of the testo 160 monitoring system used to configure Wi-Fi data loggers, set alarm points, and to analyze the measurement data. To use it, register first at to gain access to the Testo Cloud.

Depending on the range of functions you will need, you have two choices, the free Basic License, and an extensive Advanced License.  Both license packages allow access to an API Interface that can be set up to export measurement data to the external systems.

Our Cloud packages in comparison

Measurement RateFixedFlexible
Data StorageMax. 3 MonthsMax. 2 Years
Number of users per account110
AlarmsE-MailE-Mail, SMS
PricesFree Of ChargeContact Us for Details


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