Monitoring glass display cases: The external probes

The standard data logger are large, and too visible in the display cases.  This is why Testo separated sensors from the logger unit and they are available now as small objects, easy to hide within the case and connected by a thin cable to logger located inside the display base, or outside the case.

Small external probes measure temperature and humidity, light exposure, and UV radiation.  They are high accuracy "smart" digital probes with calibration data stored inside each probe.  The probe's connection range can be extended to 32ft / 10m with special extension cables to give additional range flexibility to the exhibit curator.

Out in front

testo 160 external probe out front

The monitoring system remains hidden while only the paintable external probe is visible.

Behind the scenes

testo 160 external probe behind the scenes

The data logger is hidden inside the display case base, and the cable run can be sealed to prevent air leaks inside the display case.

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