Testo has monitoring to help you get back to school safely

Testo 160 is perfect solution for the data logging that allows you to return… and remain in the classroom.

  • Safety measures in ventilation are needed to mitigate the impact of viruses (COVID and others) and virus spreading. Federal guidance has been issued to help address this problem by monitoring classroom air.

  • Federal Funding is well over $170 billion and available to K-12 schools for safety measures including monitoring classrooms air.

  • Testo has the right monitoring instrument, at the right time, to get you safely back into your classrooms.

Adjustment of a ventilation system enables you to ensure good indoor air quality at all times and prevent airborne transmission of pathogens. This can reduce the risk of infection with diseases such as COVID-19 and improve Student learning. 

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White paper “CO₂ monitoring and indoor air quality”
Testo white paper “CO₂ monitoring and indoor air quality”.

Funding for classroom monitoring (using the testo 160 IAQ) is available:

American Rescue Plan - March 2020 = $170 Billion

  • $130 Billion for schools to reopen

Funding can be used for: Facilities Repairs and Improvements including, Monitoring / Installation of Ventilation, Heating, & Air Conditioning systems to improve indoor air quality in school facilities.

CARES ACT - Available until June 2021 = $30 Billion

  • $13.2 B Elementary and Secondary School Relief Fund (ESSER)
  • $4.05 B Governors Emergency Education Relief Fund (GEER)
  • $14 B Higher Education Relief Fund (HERF)

CARES Supplemental - Available until Jan 2022 = $80 Billion

  • $54.3 B for ESSER
  • $4.1 B for GEER
  • $22.7 B for HERF



Testo 160 IAQ Monitoring Solution

Conforms to COVID (ASHRAE) mitigation data logging guidelines

  • Continuous measurements CO2, Relative Humidity, and Temperature
  • Blinking upper/ lower alarms (allows for immediate mitigation actions)
  • Notification SMS & E-mail alarming
  • Wireless installation (allows changes to different classrooms for greater coverage)
  • Communicates through local internet hub
  • 32,000 logging points, 12-month battery
  • Calibration assures accuracy and liability reduction



testo 400 Universal Airflow and IAQ Measuring Instrument

  • Optional probes to measure all other air quality related parameters including:

    • Flow, temperature, humidity, pressure, illuminance, radiant heat, turbulence, CO2 and CO
  • Compatible with a wide range of Bluetooth® and cable probes – so you’ll be equipped for any measuring task


USA Virus Mitigation Recommendations –  American Society of Heating, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE 62.1 standard)

Testing, monitoring, & construction standard - 62.1 62.2

  • Measure baseline relative humidity and temperature.
  • Monitor Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Relative Humidity (Rh), and Temperature (F) in all rooms during occupied hours.
  • Control Carbon Dioxide (CO2) maximum - 800ppm.
  • Control Air exchanges (ventilation).
  • Control Rh/Temp.
  • Install Relative Humidity, Carbon Dioxide, and Temperature monitoring sensors.
  • Data log and report Rh, CO2, temperature, and pressure.
  • Review data with District/School authorities for corrective actions.

(ASHRAE Epidemic Task force - Schools and Universities, 7/17/20 - recommendations 62.1)