Measure Longer. Protected Longer. The testo LX Combustion Analyzers

In 2017 testo celebrated its 60th birthday and released the testo LX line of combustion analyzers. These include the special edition testo 320 LX, testo 330 LX and testo 330i LX models. To continue the celebration, testo is now offering the opportunity to purchase these LX analyzers and receive an additional year of warranty up to 60 months. This not only saves you money but also gives you the peace of mind that your instrument is covered:

  • Extra year warranty on O2 and CO sensor
  • Easy and Intuitive operation
  • LX edition comes standard with Bluetooth

Download: Combustion sensor warranty redemption form


Download the Testo Combustion Warranty Extension form.  Form must be completed and sent to Testo for proper redemption.

Video: Short presentation of the anniversary sets

Measuring using the App – your advantages

  • All measurement values always in view
  • Operate analyzers more easily
  • Graphic progression display of the measurement
  • Simpler and more efficient documentation
testo flue gas App / testo 330i App

The Testo Smart Probes

The compact professional analyzers can be operated by smartphone/tablet via the testo Smart Probes App and really conveniently transported in the handy testo Smart Case. This means you are ready to go for measurements including the following: Flow and return temperature, Surface temperature, Pressure, Flow.

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