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testo Saveris: Food Safety System

  • Multiple site visibility drives improvement and efficiency
  • Flexible enough to ensure your unique processes are conveyed clearly across multiple sites
  • Critical performance numbers that are not possible in a paper-based process
  • Close the gap between daily operations checklists and quarterly in-person audits
  • Maintain corporate control and push expectations out by site, region, or country

We help food retailers and restaurants:

  • Lower food safety risk with measurable and reportable results
  • Improve operating efficiencies to lower costs
  • Make food safety fun, easy, and reliable
  • Automate alerts to lower food waste
  • Digital oil quality management ensures savings at every site

Partnership with Testo

  • Certified installation
  • Hands on checklist configuration with Testo specialists
  • Employee training programs
  • Consultation services

Expertise You Can Trust

  • Most trusted name in measurement equipment since 1958
  • 2-year equipment warranty
  • Integrated software and hardware system is the backbone to reliable connectivity and data integrity
  • Secure communication between devices