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  • testo Smart Probes VAC Set - Wireless Smart Probe Kit

    Order-Nr. 0563 0003

    The testo VAC Smart Probe Set provides a combination of four Smart Probe instruments used with your Smart Device to test and balance a multi-outlet ventilation system. Two types of anemometers give you the capacity to measure in-duct air flow and the flow from each vent. Using an IR temperature probe for surface temperatures will show you motor and electrical equipment conditions and an easy check of each outlet. The thermohygrometer also provides an assessment of the humidity and dewpoint concerns throughout the system.

    • Measures air velocity, temperature, relative humidity, wet bulb / dew point, and calculates volume flow

    • Kit includes instruments to measure, balance, troubleshoot, and optimize ventilation systems performance

    • RH & air flow measurements in-duct and at registers viewed simultaneously in the testo Smart Probes App (605i, 405i, 410i)

    • App calculates system enthalpy with air flow & RH probes; App allows you to photograph objects with smart device, capturing measurement marker and temperature values for reference and reporting (805i)

  • testo Smart Probes Refrigeration Set - Wireless Smart Probe Kit

    Order-Nr. 0563 0002

    The testo AC/R Smart Probe Set is a combination of four instruments that measure high-side and low-side pressures and temperatures of A/C and refrigeration systems. Configured to be used during commissioning, servicing, PM and troubleshooting A/C and refrigeration systems. This kit can be operated with no tools other than your smart phone to communicate with the instruments.

    • Measures high-side & low-side refrigerant pressure & temperatures (simultaneously) of AC and refrigeration systems

    • Low-loss AC/R system checks. No hoses required!

    • Compact wireless AC/R test kit

    • Calculates superheat and subcooling in the Smart Probe App

  • testo Smart Probes Heating Set - Wireless Smart Probe Kit

    Order-Nr. 0563 0004

    The testo Hydronic Heating System Smart Probe Set contains three instruments designed for use on a hydronic heating system to determine gas flow and static pressure, measure temperature of radiators with an IR probe, and to measure pressure leak-down tests in piping systems.

    • Measures manifold gas pressure, pressure drop, air flow, (with optional pitot tube), pipe and radiator temperatures

    • Performs timed pressure leak-down tests on pipe systems

    • Measures temperature of pipes in heating and cooling systems with accurate and stable NTC temperature sensor

    • Photograph objects with smart device, capturing measurement marker and temperature values for reference and reporting (805i)

  • testo 905i - Thermometer Smart Probe

    Order-Nr. 0560 1905

    The testo 905i Smart Probe is an air temperature Smart Probe that quickly and accurately measures temperature in rooms, ducts, registers, and environmental boxes/chambers.

    • Quickly and accurately measures air temperature in rooms, ducts, registers, and outlets

    • Fast acting temperature probe quickly tracks changes and shows trends on a graphic display

    • Measurement data is transmitted to the convenient and powerful testo Smart Probes App in your smart device

    • Tough, accurate, and easy to use

  • testo 605i - Thermo-Hygrometer Smart Probe

    Order-Nr. 0560 1605

    The testo 605i Smart Probe thermo-hygrometer is a humidity and temperature measuring instrument that quickly and accurately measures relative humidity, dew point, and temperature in rooms, ducts, registers, and environmental boxes and chambers.

    • Quickly and accurately measures relative humidity and temperature in rooms, ducts, and chambers

    • Automatically calculates dew point & wet bulb temperature

    • Small diameter probe is ideal for in-duct measurements

    • For all HVAC/R technicians and contractors

  • testo 410i - Vane Anemometer Smart Probe

    Order-Nr. 0560 1410

    The testo 410i Smart Probe is a compact wireless vane anemometer for measuring air velocity, temperature, and deriving volume flow. It is used at air outlets, and for monitoring the air flow of ventilation systems.

    • Measures air velocity, volume flow, and temperature as well as air flow at registers and automatically calculates volume flow (enter duct dimensions simply)

    • No air density correction required due to design

    • Measure volume flow at several outlets simultaneously (using mutiple Smart Probes) to adjust system balance

    • Timed/multipoint averaging to get accurate air flow profiles

  • testo 805i - Infrared Thermometer Smart Probe

    Order-Nr. 0560 1805

    The testo 805i Smart Probe is an infrared (IR) thermometer that provides non-contact temperature readings; great for checking breakers, motors, ducts, and registers from a distance. The measurement area is indicated by a circular laser pattern which asssures accurate targeting measurement.

    • Measures non-contact temperature

    • Optic target ratio (10:1)

    • Measurement area indicated by circular laser pattern assures accurate assessments

    • Photograph objects with smart device, capturing measurement marker and temperature values for reference and reporting

  • testo 549i - Refrigeration Pressure Smart Probe

    Order-Nr. 0560 1549

    The testo 549i Smart Probe is a hoseless, wireless pressure probe for measuring refrigerant charge in AC/refrigeration systems. It is used for servicing, troubleshooting, and documenting the operation of residential or commercial AC/refrigeration systems. When two 549i are used in conjunction with two 115i pipe-clamp temperature probes, it is easy to monitor superheat and sub-cooling in AC/refrigeration systems.

    • Measures high-side or low-side refrigerant pressure (or both simultaneously with 2 probes) in AC/refrigeration systems

    • No hoses required - clean, simple, accurate

    • Low-loss refrigerant pressure testing!

    • Use with 115i pipe-clamp temperature probes for automatic superheat / sub-cooling calculations

  • testo 510i - Differential Pressure Manometer Smart Probe

    Order-Nr. 0560 1510

    The testo 510i Smart Probe is a wireless differential pressure probe used for accurate low-pressure measurements. The testo 510i is great for measuring pressure in manifolds, static pressure, and pressure drops in buildings or ventilation systems. Use it to measure the pressure drop across coils and filters, or in ducts and systems.

    • Differential pressure (manometer) measures static pressure, air flow, and volume flow (pitot tube not incl.)

    • Measures manifold pressure and pressure drop across filters and coils and has measurement menu in App that includes pressure drop alarms

    • Easy configuration and calculations for volume flow (enter pitot tube factor and dimensions easily)

    • Magnetic back holds instrument for hands-free operation

  • testo 405i - Hot-Wire Anemometer Smart Probe

    Order-Nr. 0560 1405

    The testo 405i Smart Probe hot-wire anemometer is a wireless instrument for measuring air flow velocity, temperature, and volume flow. It is equipped with a telescopic shaft which extends to 15” for easy in-duct testing. You can reliably determine timed and multipoint flow traverses.

    • Measures air velocity, volume flow, and temperature

    • Measures in-duct air flow and automatically calculates volume flow (enter duct dimensions simply)

    • Small dia. (<0.5”) and 15” telescopic shaft length is ideal for in-duct flow averaging and timed traverse

    • Perform air duct leakage tests

  • testo 115i - Pipe-clamp thermometer wireless smart probe

    Order-Nr. 0560 1115

    The testo 115i Smart Probe is a pipe-clamp probe that measures temperature in pipes more accurately than thermocouples thanks to superior NTC temperature sensor technology. The exclusive Testo probe design grips pipes up to 1.5” and maintains critical contact between probe and pipe surface to derive the best readings.

    • Measures temperature of pipes in heating and cooling systems

    • Compatible with testo 549i Refrigeration Pressure Probe to calculate superheat and sub-cooling

    • Identifies temperature changes by monitoring real-time trending and data logging

    • 115i NTC temperature sensor is more accurate and stable than thermocouples

  • testo 552 - Digital vacuum/micron gauge with Bluetooth

    Order-Nr. 0560 5522

    The testo 552 digital micron gauge is ideal for monitoring the evacuation of air conditioning, refrigeration, and heat pump systems. It is rich in features that make your work faster, easier, and more accurate.

    • Precise and reliable vacuum measurements, 1 micron resolution

    • Displays the saturation temperature of H2O to ensure full and proper evacuation

    • Illuminated, backlit display with visual alarm for evacuation pressure

    • Wireless Bluetooth communication to smart phone or tablet provides powerful analysis and reporting to display data, create reports, and send via email or SMS

  • testo 105 - Food probe thermometer

    Order-Nr. 0563 1051

    Rugged and reliable probe thermometer for measuring the core temperature of frozen and non-frozen food.

    • Rugged; designed for daily use; clean under water

    • Changeable measuring tips: standard tip for semi-solid media, i.e. meat • Long tip or tip for frozen food optional • Adjustable thresholds, audible and visual alarm

    • Adjustable thresholds, audible and visual alarm

    • HACCP compliant

  • Waterproof mini probe thermometer - Waterproof mini-thermometer

    Order-Nr. 0560 1113

    The waterproof mini probe thermometer measures the air temperature and core temperature of a variety of different media in a variety of different applications. The thermometer can be cleaned under running water or in a dishwasher.

    • For quick ‘n easy air and core temperature measurements

    • Waterproof / dishwasher safe (IP67 rated)

    • Ideal for a variety of different applications – in kitchens / laboratories / industrial settings / garden centers

    • Includes protective case / integrated clip

  • testo Saveris 2-T3 - Wi-Fi data logger with 2 external TC temperature probe connections

    Order-Nr. 0572 2003

    The Saveris 2-T3 Wi-Fi temperature data logger reliably measures and records temperature values, with up to two plug-in thermocouple probe channels (Type K, J, or T). When used with the testo Cloud service, measurements are available anytime, anywhere, via an internet connected device, such as a tablet, PC, or smart phone. Viewing your data is as simple as registering your data logger on your testo Cloud account.

    *Requires WEP, WPA, SPA2+TKIP, WPA2+AES security.  No open Networks, no WPA2 Enterprise (unless used by a VLAN Channel)

    • Plug-in thermocouple (TC) probes

    • Large, easy to read display

    • Automatically transmits over Wi-Fi capable network *

    • Will store 10,000 values per channel

  • testo 6681 - Temperature and Humidity Transmitter

    Order-Nr. 0555 6681

    testo 6681 industrial humidity/temperature transmitter, accuracy up to ±1.0 %RH (depends on the probe), selectable signal outputs, optional display, optional ethernet or profibus module, output of all relevant humidity parameters, optional relay, optional 3rd analog output

    • High-precision Testo humidity sensor with long-term stability for high humidity applications (optional)

    • Ethernet, relay and analog outputs enable optimum integration into individual automation systems

    • High-quality digital probes and an intelligent calibration concept

    • Self-monitoring and an early warning function ensure high system availability

  • Starter Set - pH/temperature measuring instrument for semi-solid media

    Order-Nr. 0563 2052

    One-hand pH/°F meter with penetration probe, storage cap, gel and cal. bottles 250 ml pH 4+7, belt/wall holder and aluminium case

    • Ideal for measuring the pH value and temperature in semi-solid media, e.g. in meat

    • The combined penetration tip with temperature probe enables automatic temperature compensation

    • Maintenance-free pH measurement thanks to gel electrolyte

    • Advantage of the set: essential accessories are always to hand (e.g. calibration dosing bottles)

  • testo 112 - Officially calibratable one-channel temperature measuring instrument

    Order-Nr. 0560 1128

    Testo 112, 1-channel temperature measuring instrument NTC/Pt100, calibratable, with battery.

    • High-precision, calibratable temperature measuring instrument with PTB type approval – approved for official measurements

    • An attachable temperature probe can be connected – NTC and Pt100 probes optionally available to meet numerous practical requirements

    • Thanks to the water and dirt-repellent protective case TopSafe (optional), it is ideal for use in the food sector

    • Useful functions: minimum/maximum value memory and acoustic alarm

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