Testo Repair Services from the Testo Service Department

Our exceptional Service Department consists of highly qualified technicians ready to repair or service your Testo instrument, should the need arise. These specialists are highly regarded for their expertise and always strive for excellence. Customer satisfaction is always paramount to these knowledgeable professionals. Testo’s average turn-around time for repair is among the best in the industry. Let our trained staff of professional technicians repair your measuring instrument to your satisfaction.

Testo Service Department FAQs

How do I send in an instrument for repair or service?
To keep your instrument in peak working order and to guarantee its continued accuracy, periodic calibration and service is recommended. To obtain service on items in or out of warranty, please return your product to:
Testo Inc., Service Department
40 White Lake Road
Sparta, NJ 07871
Phone: 800-227-0729
Fax: 862-354-5019
Email: Services@testo.com


Please follow these simple instructions:

  • Complete the instrument repair and calibration form here.
  • Be sure to fill out the form entirely and includeproof of purchase for warranty claims.
  • Distributors can request in writing that repairs are drop shipped directly to the customer.

Customers submitting an instrument(s) for calibration or service can expect to receive a quote within two to three business days after receipt at Testo and work will be completed and the instrument will be shipped within one to two days after customer approbal.

Please note: Instruments left at Testo more than 30 days without a quote approval or without proper paperwork will be returned in its original condition to the owner/distributor and charged the minimum labor and/or reexamination fee and all subsequent shipping charges. In the event the equipment is left at Testo over 90 days Testo reserves the right to dispose of equipment. Testo is not responsible for typos or misinformation.

What is Testo’s Service Department contact information?
Testo, Inc., Service Department 40 White Lake Road Sparta, NJ 07871 Phone: 800-227-0729 Fax: 862-354-5019 Email: Services@testo.com

Do I need to approve the work to be done beforehand?
Yes. The Testo Service Department will contact you, at the contact information supplied on the Instrument Repair Form, to get approval for the work before the repair is made.

Do I need to send an RGA / RMA?
No, an RGA or RMA (Returned Goods Authorization / Returned Material Authorization) is NOT required.

What is the policy on over-the-counter exchanges?
Over-the-counter exchanges are not encouraged and need prior approval from Testo.

How do I achieve a micron reading with my testo 557 RSA (Refrigeration System Analyzer)?
To achieve a micron reading the vacuum measuring mode must be set to psia.

Where is the form I need to send an instrument in?
Please download Service form