Special Session with food safety experts

Thank you for your interest in our Special Session at the GFSI Conference: Operational Efficiency: Maximizing Food Safety Management in the 21st Century.
In this video you'll hear from experts Dr. Ben Chapman (North Carolina State University), Patrick Guzzle (National Restaurant Association) and Eric Moore (Testo) dicuss risks, communication and technology-enabeled prevention in food safety management.

Dr. Ben Chapman

Glen Caroll
Global Director, Key Accounts VP
North America Solutions

Patrick Guzzle

Tim Vainer
Restaurant Solutions - North America

Eric Moore

Steven Ross
Head of Business Development
Retail Solutions

Patrick McGrath

Terrence Christgau
Solution Services Manager

Session abstract

One of the most important success factors in reducing the burden of foodborne illness is human behavior. On the one hand, it's about how employees think about food safety and how committed they are to this goal in the performance of their daily operations. On the other hand, the food industry wants to …
… simplify or even completely automate food safety processes for employees as much as possible Food safety management in the 21st century is becoming increasingly characterized by automation and data informed management decisions. IoT devices are either automatically generating the food safety data or advanced tools are enabling people to report data more accurately and quickly than ever before. These operational savings are compounded when management uses software to turn the data into actionable information. As business and regulators demand more data, the use of modern tools to easily create, collect, and process the data into actionable information is growing. The public is also increasingly aware of issues around food safety and health and businesses are rapidly taking steps to stay ahead. Technologies in measuring and data processing are continuously developing faster than ever. New fields are opening almost daily, and there is no end in sight to these developments. This makes it more important than ever to utilize and combine existing technologies intelligently to develop them further - now and in future.

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