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"We love food”, the motto of the EDEKA Frischemärkte (“fresh markets”) is well-known across Germany. In owner Sven Fiedler’s EDEKA market, this is more than just a name - it is lived passionately and with the help of first-class technology. Whether fresh food in the bistro, meat and bakery goods, fruit and vegetables or deep-frozen products – Sven Fiedler’s customers can rely on all foods being fresh, monitored and safe. In order to conduct the quality assurance processes in the market with the highest possible level of efficiency and transparency, Sven Fiedler and his team use the testo Saveris digital quality management system.


The challenge

Monitoring quality and freshness standards across all product groups proved to be a logistical challenge. With an extensive range of products moving through incoming goods, food preparation and service, quality assurance involved high levels of time and staff resources.

Measurement results were recorded manually and then collated on paper for the required quality management procedures. In refrigerated areas, hourly temperature checks were sometimes required. Sven Fiedler arrived at the conclusion that an increase in efficiency was urgently needed, which can only be achieved (without compromising quality) using a fully digital solution.

Food Store

The solution

In order to re-organize the work intensive checks and move away from piles of paper-based checklists, Sven Fiedler decided to use the testo Saveris food safety system to deal with the future monitoring of quality-relevant parameters. With the complete solution from Testo, all measurement data from all product groups and departments are reliably monitored and automatically transferred without interruption. The combination of intelligent sensors, intuitively operated software and an extensive range of services, provides Sven Fiedler with maximum transparency and secure compliance in his food market. To ensure compliance, company regulations can be implemented using digital checklists. The digital checklists support overall efficiency without pen and paper. Working with the testo Saveris food safety system considerably reduces the time needed for quality tasks, minimizes error and lowers costs. Now, Sven Fiedler’s team can always be sure that the quality standards are met. 

Temperature checks

The testo Saveris data loggers are installed in all refrigeration and deep-freeze units in the market. The loggers not only continuously ensure the correct storage temperatures, but also monitor door opening and closing times with door contact sensors. This is checked to keep energy consumption at a minimum and to counteract doors being left open too long. When limit values are violated, an alarm is triggered immediately. This means all manual temperature checks in the refrigeration units over the course of the day are eliminated.

Portrait Sven Fiedler

 “The time saved in quality monitoring with testo Saveris [food safety system] is clearly noticeable. I think it’s great that thanks to the use of the testo Saveris [App], you have the measurement data [accessible] and clearly arranged. Wherever, whenever – I can always be sure that the quality of our market, including all products, is faultless.”

Sven Fiedler
Owner of EDEKA Sven Fiedler e.K.
testo 104-IR BT

Digital implementation of quality processes

All required measurement data are recorded via networked portable measuring instruments and data loggers, transmitted automatically to the testo Saveris App, and stored in the Testo Cloud. With the help of this tablet, quality monitoring and checklists can be digitally documented – without paper. Apart from this, authorized staff members can access the documented quality data from a web-based dashboard. New quality regulations and processes can also be centrally created and rolled out at the click of a button.

By introducing the testo Saveris food safety solution, food quality can be ensured across the entire company.

Sven Fiedler’s EDEKA market fulfills the motto “We love food” with maximum efficiency and cost control. The customers thank him with their loyalty and trust.


About the Customer

Germany-wide, the EDEKA Group counts more than 11,200 markets, including the EDEKA Sven Fiedler e.K., founded in 2008. With a floor area of 32,292 ft2 and a product range of over 40,000 articles, the EDEKA market is among the largest in Germany’s northernmost state, Schleswig-Holstein. Sven Fiedler’s EDEKA Frischemarkt additionally offers an online delivery service. Proximity to the customer, high-quality products and service determine the daily activities of Sven Fiedler and his team.


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